Breakthrough’s & Body Talk Of Coming Out

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The closet door. It’s imposing, frightening, exciting, and sometimes overwhelming. Just the thought of breaking out, and stepping out, stepping up, and stepping into living your powerful truth can be exhausting. In order to do all that stepping, sometimes we’ve gotta take a step back and listen. Listen to our bodies.


  • What are they telling us?
  • What are our bodies trying to get us to realize?
  • How are our bodies helping us to create or avoid monumental breakthroughs in life?


Today on the podcast we’re going to do a little bit of body whispering and breakthrough listening. As crazy as it may sound, our bodies are guiding us as much as our hearts and logical minds as we step through the closet doors.


Here to help us sort out how we can listen more closely to our bodies, follow the calling to the big breakthroughs we desire in life, and to start truly building the life we’re dreaming of on the other side of the closet door is my friend and fellow good energy vibrations gal from Canada, Jackie Thomas.



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