Do Women Put To Much Emotion Into Their Decisions?

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Hell NO!!!!!

How many times have you been told, or told someone take the emotion out of it. Do not make a decision when you are emotional. I am not sure how this works for men as they typically do not show as many emotions, however I do know that women do not need to take their emotions out when making a decision. In fact, I plead with the women reading this that they do not take out or separate themselves from their emotions.


First of all let’s look at the word emotional. What do you think of when you hear that word? Sad, Worry, Fear. We have been conditioned that when we hear the word emotional it has a negative association with it, what about the emotions of love, excitement, happiness?


Should we not make decisions when those emotions are involved. Are we to not make a decision in life, unless we are sure about it and can look at it with no emotion? In girl world that is a crazy concept.


Women’s emotional centres in our brains are larger. We say yes to marriage because we feel we are in love.


In the past I have not been the best at making decisions. In fact I hated the entire process. I would always ask someone I was with to make the decision even if it is not what I wanted to do; I would go along with it.


When I had made my decision to leave my job one of my male coworkers said that they were concerned because I they felt I was making my decision based on emotions and once I relaxed a bit I would wish I had made a different choice.


I use to hate making decisions because I thought I was supposed to take the emotion out and that was just impossible for a girl like me. What I realised is that I would have stayed in a spot where I was not happy, not sad, just in the numb zone if I had not made a decision with my emotions as my partner. They tipped the scale so I would, so I could make a decision.


There is a difference between including your emotions, even heightened emotions and making a decision with charged emotion. Charged emotion being that is the only aspect you are basing your decision on.


I am saying, use your emotions when you are making a decision, allow them. How does this shirt make me feel vs this shirt and buy the one that makes you feel the way you want to. The shirt that allows you to feel the emotion you want to feel.


Emotions are our friend’s ladies. It is time we start partnering with them, all of them, the ones we consider negative and positive.


There are 3 keys to success, MINDSET, SELF IMAGE AND COURAGE.


Women on average lack self-image, why, because self-image grows with action, you only take action when you make a decision. You only make decisions a fun process when you allow all of you to show up, emotions and all.

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