Do Your Thoughts Really Matter?

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Your mind is so powerful, more powerful then you may know.  The thoughts you hold in your mind both conscious and subconscious are creative. What you think about you bring about. Let’s say you want to leave your job and work your own business. On a conscious level you are excited and ready to make that leap. However the time does not present itself, or your business is not where you want it to be to make the leap just yet. Check in with yourself and see what other thoughts and feelings you are having. Are you nervous the business will fail after a year, there will be a lot of pressure on you, the money may not be there, you will miss the people you work with? It is imperative you are aware of your shadow thoughts and feelings. The feeling that is the strongest will win. The signal of confusion causes doubt and fear that the desired thought/feeling will never happen.


Once you are aware of it, you can embrace it and it no longer calls the shots for your life. Make a list of all your desires and your conscious feelings about them in one column, in the other list all the subconscious feelings and rate them all. Notice what you are noticing. Own your feelings so they do not own you.



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