The Ladies Legacy:

Broadening thoughts on Feminine Sexuality and Success

Imagine this. What would it look like to live life from an authentic place of self versus being what others require us to be? What would it feel like to live an expansive life, through recognizing and honouring your desires in all areas as if you were making love to life every single day at any age.


Breakthrough Expert, Jackie Thomas boldly shares her passion of opening the veil and equipping women with the knowledge and power of conditioning and how shifting perspective can shape people very differently. Legacies are born out of forward thinking, action-oriented people and women who are called to alter their inherited conditioning.


Discover what it looks like when we as women focus inside ourselves, and to recognize our values and beliefs about what it means to be a woman in today’s world. Recognize that power of being feminine is a perfect ingredient for building a successful business and personal life.