The Power of our Children

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“ Children are not children, they are just younger people. We have the same soul at 60 that we had at 40, and the same soul at 25 that we had when we were 5.  If anything children are wiser. “ – Marianne Williamson


I often feel the world would be a better place if we each had a child mentor. Someone who taught us to laugh, to cry, that it is ok to be upset, to ask for help, to take a time out, to play and of course to learn the new technology that is always evolving. I have had the opportunity to speak to many people about the ADHD and our children today.  The way I see it, is that the children coming into this world are here to help us heal it. They bring with them karma from the past to be cleared and healed. They bring with them a new way of doing, of being. What do we do?  We put them on meds.   We do not learn and grow and heal.  We ignore and keep doing what we have always done and then wonder why we have get what we have always gotten.   We wonder what is “wrong” with kids today and do not stop and question the foods we are giving them, and eating ourselves, the emotional support the spiritual enlightenment.  The kids today are smart, they are here to help us heal and save ourselves.  Listen to them, learn from them. Help them, help us.   Each child is a gift from God. To see through a child’s behavior to their soul is the most amazing, power experience.  The next time you see a child behaving a certain way, a way in which you do not agree with, remember that the power is within you to look a little deeper and see what that child in that moment is teaching you about yourself.  It is powerful!  Then you all of a sudden change the way you see the child and the child changes.  It is a remarkable thing.  When I was a child, my little cousin was diagnosed with ADHD.  My mom was then and still is now a person that is always looking for the good in people. She use to say.  He is not a bad boy, his action was bad, but he is not bad.  Let us remember the wisdom of my mom and separate the actions from the soul and help these kids do the same.  These children are our future, treat them with respect and they will share that respect for generations to come. LOVE is the answer.  The question can be anything.

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