What happens when you send positive vibes vs negative vibes?

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Do you know that the way you talk to others and to yourself can greatly affect your health.  My children and I did an experiment where we filled up two mason jars and put a tablespoon of rice in each one.  On one Mason Jar we drew a heart and placed it on paper that said, I love you, you are great, you are the best.  On the other Mason Jar we wrote on it the word HATE and placed it on paper that said, I hate you, your are wrong, you do nothing right.


After a short period of time we were amazed at what we found.  The rice in the Mason jar with the word hate on it, had crumbled into a powder looking substance that lay on the bottom of the jar.


The rice in the love water, stayed whole.


We found that amazing!


With hate, worry, fear and negativity we crumble and are unrecognizable.


With love and positive words, feelings and thoughts we stay whole, knowing the truth of who and what we are and stand strong for the world to appreciate.

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